COVID-19 update #3

Events up to 100 people will be allowed soon. Looks promising! Budějovice and Slapy – Praha will likely occur as announced and planned earlier. Entries are open, but participants from abroad are still big question mark.

COVID-19 update #2

We think about the race in the light of recent government announcement. Will update you soon!

German K2 on the start line of the long race

Sebastian Kraft and Holger Trapp registered themselves for the long race Budějovice-Praha as early as of the end of February. They are two kayakers from Berlin in the age of 42 and 50 and they have decent experience with long distance paddling. Holger says: “I paddle since 1987 and first…

COVID-19 update

It is hard to predict anything today. However, the race date is still quite far ahead and so far we think we will go Budějovice, Slapy and Vrané as usual. Take care and prepare yourself as best as you can.

Entries are open!

Who will be the number one and will wear yellow jersey on the day 1 start?

Save the date for the 2020 race

Based on the poll we set the race date for the year 2020 to June 26-28. I feel really sorry for everyone who cannot be on the start line due to this decision, but satisfaction never comes for everyone. At least we will try different date than usual and the…

January trip down the river from Kořensko

Yesterday’s report from river trip down from Korensko made by Chobotnice. What will be the water level on the race day? If it is low like today, it will be interesting and different! The report is in Czech only. Please use Google Translate.

Changes for 2020

Kajak Centrum and Michael Odvárko have stepped out of the Budějovice – Slapy – Vrané – Praha organization. Canoe club USK Prague, ie. Mojža (Petr Mojžíšek), Zuzka and co. will organize the race in the upcoming years. What you can expect: three day long race short race as the last…

Entries 2019

We will open entries no earlier than Mar 17th. Watch us then, the first entry gets the yellow jersey for the first stage! Mojža

Save the date for 2019

Save the date Aug 2-4 2019 for Budějovice – Slapy – Vrané – Praha! There are some reconstructions planned on Orlík dam wall for the year 2019. We hope the conditions will be still suitable for the race. Mojža