Vojtěch Mareš


“So I’m leaving” me saying and taking the crank.
“Where are you going?” is the question of my brother sitting at the computer.
“Where to? For training” me replying and opening the door.
“Do you have to go there?”

I am stopping at the door.
What am I supposed to answer? Yes? That’s not true. No one is forcing me to train. Should I tell him I do not have to go to the club? Yes, I can sit back home.
So why have I been there for so many years, I ask myself. Why do I train? It’s not definitely because of someone forcing me to do it. I do it for myself to be better. To overcome myself. To prove that I still can.
And what is that? For me, it means I’m still able to get off the water for twenty km. That I can run from Špindl to Sněžka. That I can manage the race Budějovice – Praha. That I can do it four times. Or I can finish it nonstop.
In my opinion, one simply needs the right challenge in their live. To prove they are still alive. Maybe this sounds like a clichés, but I live this way…
Or at least I try.
So why am I going to the training? To survive all the challenges and to be better. Better than the others. And I think that the fact I do not sit home and watch TV, makes me better than others who do not go to the training.
Be better than others.
I am breathing Budějovice – Praha.

“Yes. I have to go there.”

Vojtěch Mareš, 25th July 2015

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