All the relevant and important places are marked on the map

Presentation and start number distribution:
campground České Vrbné, Thu 23rd June 18-22h, and Fri 24th June 7-8h

We will organize transport for paddlers, boats, and baggage from Prague to the start on Thu 23rd June. We also may be able to transport your car from start to the finish. If you are interested, let us know in the application form or via mail (the sooner, the higher chances).

day 1, Fri 24th June České Vrbné – Orlík Husárna, 68 km
mass start at 8:30
race leader starts in a separate line one length ahead of the others
finish line opened till 20:00

day 2, Sat 25th June Orlík Husárna – Slapy Ždáň, 68 km
mass start at 8:30, earlier start of slower boats possible
race leader starts in a separate line one length ahead of the others
the time is stopped at Orlík dam wall, boats transported over using lift, 15-60 minutes pause depending on how boats approach the dam wall
finish line opened till 20:00

day 3, Sun 20th June Slapy Třebenice, under the dam wall – Praha Malá Chuchle, canoe club USK, left bank 31 km
paddlers will paddle from Ždáň campground to the dam wall on their own (4 km) – not counted towards race time
mass start at 11:00 together with short race! earlier start of slower boats possible
race leader starts in a separate line one length ahead of the other long race paddlers who stand one length ahead of the short race paddlers
finish line opened till 15:00

The final standings are determined by the sum of the all three stage times. The winner of the last stage does not have to be an overall winner. Moreover, long race paddlers starts together with short race paddlers and this may have significant impact on the day 3 and overall result.

Prizegiving ceremony at 16:00

The USK canoe club will be open on Sunday morning. You can park your car in the back between caravans and on the back of the grassy playground. You can get there as follows.
From the city: use Strakonická street from the Barrandov bridge, pass under the Branický railway bridge, pass the Robin Oil gas station and turn right after the bus stop and then turn left. Drive through Malá Chuchle to the road bridge, turn left and overtake Strakonická street. Just at the raid end, turn sharply to the right towards the river and you are there.
From Zbraslav: use Strakonická and under the road bridge in Malá Chuchle, take the right lane and turn right onto a narrow clutch down just behind the bridge pillar. Then follow the 150 m cycling trail to the USK canoe club.

Competitors will have to sign a statement of capability and ride at their own risk prior to the start
Lifejacket mandatory throughout the race!
We recommend having a cell phone during the race so you can call for help in an emergency.
The phone numbers of the organizers are 724427280 (Mojža) and 737353717 (Zuzka)

And we encourage smartphone owners to use the Rescue app app.

Rescue app is a Mobile Medical Rescue service, available for Android, IOS, and Windows. It is a nonprofit project, you do not pay for it, it is run by the Vodafone Foundation and CSR insurance company.
Great advantages: Communicating with the push-button one-touch line 155 sends accurate GPS position over data or SMS
Other conveniences: a person registers by name, by phone and can add to the history of illnesses, allergies, medicines he takes plus a close person

More about the Rescue app