The date for 2024

Save the date June 21-23, 2024 for the next edition of Budějovice – Praha! We are already looking forward!

Le roi est mort vive le roi!

The overall winner of the 40th edition of Budějovice Praha is Tomáš Pavlík. After big fight, especially on day 2 and 3, he finished 40 secs before Petr Mojžíšek and Matouš Pavlík. More detailed report will come tomorrow.

A win in the first round of the lottery

36 boats, 49 competitors at the start of the long race! They all won the first round of the lottery. The SP500 futures contract closed somewhere around 4190 yesterday, luxuriously above 3500 and thus $300 falls into the draw after this year’s race is finished.

Entries will open on February 1st

After reading the reactions to the previous post and a short reflection, I’m throwing the idea of Kolna into the trash and we’ll go classically on the third day from below the Slap dam. So the course will be the same as last year for both the long and short…

Save the date for 40th Budějovice

Mark 23rd – 25th June 2023 in your calendars. We will be going the 40th edition of Budějovice – Praha. In view of the anniversary, we’ll try to spice things up this year. The plan is to start the third stage at Slapy and to pay tribute to our ancestors…

39th Budweis – Prague

The 39th edition of the Budweis-Prague paddling race took place over the weekend in the established three-day format. The first stage was 68 km from České Vrbné to Husárna (Orlík) and the second also 68 km, but it was from Husárna to Ždáň (Slapy). The third day remained the same…

Portage change at Vrané

Warning for the last leg and the Slapy-Prague race: Due to construction works we will be portaging Vrané on the right hand side. See the race map for details.

Discounted entry fee period ends…

…and we have 31 boats on the start list. I don’t think we are quite complete yet. Missing for example Mr. Iron Budman Ouředník and K4 from Modřany… so this year it will be