The defender has joined the race

Tomáš Pavlík, a winner of the last year, has joined the long race and will fight for his fouth victory overall. Besides, his brother Matouš has submitted his entry as well and is looks that the pace in the front pack will be quite sharp again!

13 boats in the long race

Although the weather is rather good for skiing, we already have 13 boats on the start! We monitor closely the restrictions and still believe we will organize the race as planned and our friends from abroad will be allowed to join us. Somewhat unpleasantly ICF has announced a Worldcup in…

Entries for 2021 are opening

My dear sport friends!I just paddled first kms yesterday and am waking up from the winter sleep and so is the race. Despite the situation, I still believe we will be able to hold the race as planned on June 18-20. In case of failing to do so, we will…

Long race on SUP for the first time

For the first time in a history there is a paddler who will try to go through the whole three day legendary paddle race Budějovice-Praha on a paddleboard. Marek Šplíchal comes from Pilsen where he runs a wine and beer shop. He is now 46 years old and his experience…

Important announcement

There will be a road 102 closure from Štechovice up to Slapy gas station on the race day. For transport from Prague you should take the path through Mníšek and Nový Knín. I also strongly recommend to seconders not to go to Štechovice dam There will be a complicated traffic…

COVID-19 update #4

Hi all! We will do the race on the date as set earlier. The long one as well as the short one. Borders might get open in the mid of June! If you enter soon enough, you can order a t-shirt of your size!

COVID-19 update #3

Events up to 100 people will be allowed soon. Looks promising! Budějovice and Slapy – Praha will likely occur as announced and planned earlier. Entries are open, but participants from abroad are still big question mark.

COVID-19 update #2

We think about the race in the light of recent government announcement. Will update you soon!

German K2 on the start line of the long race

Sebastian Kraft and Holger Trapp registered themselves for the long race Budějovice-Praha as early as of the end of February. They are two kayakers from Berlin in the age of 42 and 50 and they have decent experience with long distance paddling. Holger says: “I paddle since 1987 and first…

COVID-19 update

It is hard to predict anything today. However, the race date is still quite far ahead and so far we think we will go Budějovice, Slapy and Vrané as usual. Take care and prepare yourself as best as you can.