Defender of the crown!

Tomáš Pavlík, the defender of last year’s title and multiple winner of Budějovice-Praha, is at the start of a long race. Is he going to win again this year? Who else will go up against him? We start the last week for a discounted entry fee!

Two-round lottery – the first option prematurely finishes

Tomorrow is the inflation report, if it’s higher than expectations it will be 📉 and the strike price is too close. So I’m taking the security off the table, buying out the option at $23 and therefore $95 is already going into the draw for those who cross the finish…

Discounted entry fee ends soon!

The first option of the two-round lottery slowly reaches the finish line of the third stage and fights as everyone does at Budějovice-Praha. For a while it looked like it was going well, but I guess it burned through the first day and then it looked like lost race. Now…

Another option in the two-round lottery!

After the fall in the US bond market, I am placing another bet in the two-round lottery. Nobody wants US debt at 4.6%? Well, I’ll take some of it. The lottery will have an option premium of $132 if the TLT ETF is above 90 on the evening of June…

The spring summer

The summer weather favors mileage, so I hope you’re paddling intensively! The kays you do now will pay off in less than three months! Time flies like crazy. However, the good news is that at least it’s working for our two-round lottery. The probability of winning the first round is…

Two-round lotery is starting again!

February is coming to a close and we have 17 boats at the start of the long race! Come on in! Check our website for the current start list. To give you something to play for this year, I’m announcing a two-round lottery again. I just sold a put option…

Entries are open!

On February 1, the entries opened silently and the competition for the first entrant and therefore starting number #1 was caught half an hour after the floodgates were raised by….. K4 KVS The boys are not complete yet, they are persuading the fourth one, but hopefully they will make it,…

Xmas gift?

Don’t know what to give for Christmas? Give a starting number for the Budějovice – Praha 2024 race! If you are interested, let us know, we will definitely find a way to make it happen.

The date for 2024

Save the date June 21-23, 2024 for the next edition of Budějovice – Praha! We are already looking forward!

Le roi est mort vive le roi!

The overall winner of the 40th edition of Budějovice Praha is Tomáš Pavlík. After big fight, especially on day 2 and 3, he finished 40 secs before Petr Mojžíšek and Matouš Pavlík. More detailed report will come tomorrow.